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Our Classes

At USSD Dana Point, our karate lessons go beyond self-defense techniques. We focus on building confidence, flexibility, strength, focus, discipline, and character.

Programs by Age:

TEENS (11-14)

ADULTS (15+)

Our children’s program is geared around the 3 F’s: Focus, Fitness, and Fun!

Our unique belt-earning strategy is grounded in a positive reinforcement system that allows each child to set and attain short, mid, and long-term goals.

The goals that we set with each child are threefold:

  1. Physical – Improvement in balance, strength, conditioning, and precision

  2. Mental – Improvement in focus, creative thinking, and memory

  3. Emotional – Improvement in discipline, confidence, determination, and respect

Progress through our belts is built on predetermined improvement in all of these areas. Goals are individually created for each child based on his/her needs, and recommendations to test for the next rank are based on these goals. The goals are not limited to Martial Arts, but also include respect, focus, and following directions outside of our studio.

Our experience has shown that children who are enrolled in our Martial Arts program have seen an improvement in other sports, academics, and other activities, as well as a reduced likelihood of being a target of bullying.

Our students develop a range of skills that enable them to succeed in all areas of life. This is particularly important for children, who need guidance and support to develop the skills they need to become capable and balanced adults.

We will help your child become a strong and productive member of society armed with character, strong self-discipline, and a healthy self-image. At United Studios of Self Defense, we work hard to make your child’s experience with Martial Arts a safe and productive one.

In the USSD Martial Arts program, children will improve:

  • Coordination and flexibility

  • Strength in body and mind

  • Self-Control

  • Respect for themselves and others

All of this is achieved in an environment where the camaraderie created by challenges results in a sense of trust and recognition of individual achievement. Students advance at their own pace, without the pressure that is often such a part of team sports.

The practice of Martial Arts improves focus and self-discipline, developing the mind as well as the body. Students learn to control themselves and to respect others, which naturally leads to respect for themselves. This benefit often carries over into school, helping to not only improve behavior but also academic performance.


Students learn how to use their energy in a positive manner and not to be aggressive toward others. Experts agree that, rather than promoting violence, Martial Arts open the door to building a solid foundation of self-confidence and a healthy sense of self-worth. The core philosophy of USSD Martial Arts training is non-violence. Our training enables students to respond in a calm and controlled way that will stop, rather than escalate violence, should violence be unavoidable.

Our Teens program, like our Young Dragons program, focuses on the skills needed to best prepare and excel in school, college, and beyond. Colleges looking at academically similar applications will take into consideration extracurricular activities and achievements. With a Martial Arts training program, students not only further develop the physical and mental skills useful in a college environment, but they also learn and develop one of the most effective self-defense systems available today.


At USSD Dana Point, we have created the Service and Mentoring Program for teens that expands on the commendable achievement of earning a Black Belt. This program is for teenage students to mentor younger students in the children's classes. This builds leadership and mentoring skills for the teenager and also provides a unique opportunity to experience both the achievement of earning a Black Belt and the positive work done as a Black Belt.

Our adult program focuses on the harmony of mind, body, and spirit. Our goal is to help our students improve strength, flexibility, speed, stamina, and focus. Our training program offers our adult students so many benefits:

  • Physical Fitness
    Kempo karate provides a full-body workout. We focus on stretching, strengthening, conditioning, agility, and coordination. With our Martial Arts program, training intensity is tailored to each individual’s needs.

  • Mental Development
    Success in Martial Arts requires a high degree of mental acuity. With our training and focus drills, adults have found improvement in self-discipline, self-confidence, and in their ability to concentrate. Our program is designed to push each student past their self-imposed boundaries and show him/her that anything is possible when you put your mind and heart into it.

  • Stress Relief
    Daily life can be stressful! Many of our adults attend class to change gears, recharge, or take a break from the stresses of everyday life.

  • Self Defense
    For the past 40+ years, USSD has adopted self-defense techniques from many of the major fighting styles. We have combined different combat principles to provide an all-encompassing self-defense system against attacks and grabs.

  • Family Bonding
    The Family that Kicks Together, Sticks Together! Much of our student body is made up of family members! We have learned from our families that parents and kids really enjoy training together. It’s an enriching and rewarding experience when the whole family can prepare for belt tests and celebrate promotions together! 

  • Achieve Black Belt Status
    Many of our adults want a new challenge that’s different, yet universally recognized. Many of our adults have excelled in other areas, but have allowed hobbies to take a backseat to work and family responsibilities. The goal of earning a Black Belt is a goal that many of our adults enjoy working toward.



The great thing about Martial Arts is that all these benefits are inherent to our training program. Because our training program includes private lessons, adults can personalize training to their own specific needs and goals. There is also no age limit - we have students in their 70’s!​

Karate Sparring Class at USSD Dana Point


Ages 3-6:  10:30 - 11 am

Ages 7-12:  11:15 am - 12pm

In martial arts, sparring is just as important as learning katas and techniques. The goal is not to hurt each other; sparring teaches students how to apply the techniques they have learned in a realistic situation, helping them to develop timing, agility, control, accuracy, and speed.


Students wear safety gear including headgear, gloves, a mouth guard, a groin protector, and optional gear such as shin guards or knee pads. Students begin with very light sparring and can eventually graduate to heavier contact sparring as they improve and move up in rank.


Since every student has their own personal goals, it is not a requirement for all students to spar, but it is highly encouraged if the student wishes to progress to the higher ranks.